The first Ekon Gold has been minted

May 14, 2019 9:00 am UTC

The gold standard strikes back, along with a restored confidence in asset-backed crypto.
1 EKG is backed by 1 gram of gold (999) and redeemable as you go.
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Eidoo’s Ekon Gold is the meeting point between – gold – and cryptocurrency. This is to
offer a store of value and to beat the value fluctuations of cryptocurrencies.
Ekon Gold is a physical gold bars-backed cryptocurrency developed by Eidoo, a
Swiss-based company that runs a hybrid exchange and cryptocurrency wallet for bitcoin
(BTC), ethereum (ETH) and all tokens based on the Ethereum blockchain (ERC20 and

Ekon.Gold is an ERC20 token that is equivalent to 1 gram (999) of fine gold. It is stored in
a certified and insured Vault in Switzerland.
It is properly audited (by PluriAudit SA, an independent auditing firm registered under the
laws of Switzerland), transparent and fully backed – for real.
Ekon Gold stands out among the other few stable coins backed by gold thanks to its 1:1
pegging with a gram of gold and thanks to it being redeemable – all this is offered with no
storage fees.
To guarantee a 100% transparent process all the token holders are able to monitor the
actual backing – physical gold bars – stored in the vault via the real time streaming of a

EKON Gold complies with the related Laws of Switzerland, Know-Your-Customer( KYC)
and Anti Money Laundering ( AML) regulations. To buy Ekon Gold, users shall complete
EidooID’s Tier 2 Identity verification.
Ekon tokens can be bought through the Eidoo app that is available on iOS, Android and all
desktop devices (Linux, Mac and Windows).