ShareMeAll bridging the world with eSwitch®

January 24, 2019 9:44 am UTC

In the primitive years, the barter system was based on trust and face value. Without any middleman involved, it was evident that the trade would be hassle-free. However, with the involvement of a system to govern trade, the foundation of trust gradually shattered.

The ideation of blockchain, smart contracts and crypto currency has instilled confidence and trust in the people. Blockchain is considered to be a medium of return of trust, where each transaction can be easily traced and information verified. It is a concept that works on decentralization and eliminates the need of a governing system or mediators.

History repeats itself, and ShareMeAll left no stone unturned to prove it. The historically known Barter System , has made a comeback, only to reap the benefits of the crypto world. The focus here is to barter with a humanistic approach based on trade balance rather than market prices. Sharing of goods, services and accommodation on a new system of exchange is without a doubt, a remarkable concept. ShareMeAll is a platform where anything and everything can be traded; it leaves no corner of trade untapped.

The idea behind the platform is to create an online marketplace,, to buy or sell services, objects, or even provide accommodation. Using the token, eSwitch®, the users can easily exchange or ‘barter’ anything, in the comfort of their homes. ESwitch® are Ethereum blockchain technology based tokens that will be provided for free in the initial phase of the project. Anyone who creates a user account of platform will be credited with eSwitch®, depending upon the number of services and goods offered. Users of eSwitch® token will be able to exchange them with fiat or cryptocurrency on exchanges that have partnered with ShareMeAll. However, the eSwitch® will be available for transfer in the crypto wallet only after a month of earning it so as to curb any fraudulent activities.

The creation of an internet and mobile platform will ease the process of using and obtaining eSwitch® tokens. With the use of the platform, objects can not only be sold but also shared, enabling optimized use of the object with no change in ownership. The project has been developed not only for crypto geeks but also for users that may not have a bank account or knowledge about the cryptoworld. ShareMeAll has carefully analyzed the need of a transparent trade market and the perks of the crypto world and has brought forward a brilliantly designed solution.