How to Send, Transact and Spend Bitcoin(BTC) Anonymously

May 8, 2019 9:06 am UTC

If you’re wondering how to make transactions with Bitcoin and still maintain your privacy, this post will show you how.

Everyone understands the need to have our privacy intact. This is one of the reasons the earliest adopters of Bitcoin were optimistic that they would truly take control of their financial transactions without the interference of the banks and government.

Nevertheless, Bitcoin has not become popular when the central authorities moved to ensure that exchange compliance involves documentation of user identities. When we factor in the fact that Bitcoin is not really a privacy-centric cryprocurrency, it becomes apparent that the user needs to protect their privacy.

This is where Bitcoin mixers came to the rescue. With a bitcoin mixer also known as bitcoin tumbler, you could send your bitcoins to any address anonymously without the possibility that the transaction would be traced back to your wallet and you.

This could be achieved by using a bitcoin mixer such as to send bitcoins to any wallets when you want to remain anonymous. The mixer doesn’t just dissociate your coins from your wallet, it also obliterates the history of your coins.

Using bitcoin mixers is especially necessary when you have substantial amount in your wallet. Remember that the Bitcoin blockchain is transparent, so whenever people see your wallet address, they could see how much you have in such wallet and you wouldn’t want that. Just as you wouldn’t want all your neighbors knowing how much you have in the bank.

Using bitcoin mixer is simple, however it is important that you choose a bitcoin mixer carefully. Some do not do a good job at mixing your coins while there are others that could steal your coins. Be sure that you’re using the right mixer by crosschecking on your browser before sending your coins.

Using Bitcoin anonymously through a tumbling service in making payments is simple. Just deposit the volume of bitcoins you want to send through the mixing service taking cognizance of the transaction fee.

It’s that simple. With a bitcoin mixer, your transactions are anonymous so take advantage of them whenever you want.