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Victim Still Missing: Kidnappers Arrested After Receiving Nearly $1 Million Bitcoin Ransom

12 people have been arrested in connection with the kidnapping of 5Dimes owner, William Sean Creighton, who still remains missing.

Bitcoin Futures Market Bakkt Makes First Acquisition

Bakkt acquired parts of Rosenthal Collins Group, an independent futures commission, to build up its risk management and regulatory compliance procedures.

News Flash: Crypto Markets Swing Higher as Bitcoin Climbs Above $3,700

Crypto markets turned green Monday morning, as bitcoin avoided a major breakdown that would have paved the way for a re-test of last month’s…

Bitcoin (BTC) Lottery Scam Targets S Africa Cricket Body, Crypto Exchange Luno

Hackers have taken control of the cricket federation’s account, and claim that the body and Luno were organizing BTC lottery worth $70,000.

Bitcoin Braces for More Pain Following 16% Correction

Bitcoin is at imminent risk of falling toward new lows this week, as markets grapple with strong headwinds that have seen the leading digital…

When to Buy Bitcoin | BTC Investment Strategies

When to buy Bitcoin? – A question that has baffled thousands of investors during the decade since the world’s first cryptocurrency was launched and…

Bitcoin Risks Return to December Lows After Price Drop to $3.5K

After breaching key support on Sunday, emboldened bears could soon push bitcoin prices back towards $3,100.

Bitcoin (BTC) Reward Extracted from Paris Mural Puzzle

The puzzle weaved into Pascal Boyart’s latest mural, Liberty Leading the People, has been solved and the reward claimed.

As Race for Bitcoin ETF Heats Up, SEC Identifies Cryptocurrency as a Top Priority…

The crypto boom of 2017 caught federal regulators by surprise. The subsequent crash of 2018 forced them to closely examine the market, including the…

How to Earn Money with Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Lending

What is Crypto Lending? Cryptocurrency lending is an easy way making passive income by using the cryptocurrency that you own, which is not currently…

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