Maker (MKR) Not Making It: Interest Rates Rise, Price Tanks

The Maker DAO is showing signs of weakness, with the DAI losing its stability this March, before significant hikes in fees.

Maker [MKR]: Coinbase, Zeppelin solutions audit reveals bug in Maker’s voting contract

The firm behind Maker , and crypto-collateralized stablecoin DAI project, have disclosed a key issue with respect to its internal governance voting contract. Revealed...

Maker (MKR) Owners Urged to Move Coins from Faulty Smart Contract

The voting contract for the Maker DAO showed significant flaws in a recent audit.

Critical Bug Found in the Maker Voting Contract. Stakers Must Withdraw Their Tokens ASAP

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Maker [MKR]: Security Firm Discovers Critical MakerDAO Vulnerability During Security Audit

Zepplin, a blockchain security firm has reported a critical vulnerability that affects MakerDAO system currently in production. The vulnerability which was found in one of...