AGATE- The one ICO you just can’t ignore

August 24, 2018 2:07 pm UTC

ICO or ‘Initial Coin Offering’ is a fund generation system of offering a new cryptocurrency to the investors in exchange for existing cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and  Ethereum. The crypto infrastructure start-ups use ICO for raising capital for their respective ventures.

The cryptocurrency market is a fascinating and exciting one which holds a promising future. However, due to undue fear and lack of a robust transaction system, the cryptocurrency market often gets shadowed under baseless speculations.

AGATE would be changing all that forever. Agate is a crypto infrastructure start-up that’s developed a complete end-to-end solution to facilitate and simplify the cryptocurrency transactions in the mainstream economy. The currency that Agate offers is ‘AGT Token’. What makes Agate so different and special is their unique Blockchain that facilitates conversions and transactions at a stunningly faster speed. Some salient features of the venture are as follows:

  • Agate Blockchain that offers amazingly faster transactions.
  • A smart AI engine to facilitate data exchange within the Blockchain.
  • User friendly apps for both users and merchants.
  • A complete physical POS system installation at the merchant’s end for near instant funds availability.
  • Trading bots to guide users towards profit based transactions.
  • All transactions are iFiat based.
  • A debit card to transfer iFiat and also an option for transfer to local bank accounts.
  • A wallet to hold different cryptocurrencies on a single Agate platform.
  • A decentralized iBucket to hold and transact currencies & funds.
  • Unique and easy plug-ins for merchants to trade with any cryptocurrency for near instant funds availability.
  • An API for developers to customize their own payment gateway.
  • Agate’s own payment gateway for faster, secured and reliable transactions.
  • Minimal transaction fees.

The above mentioned features are just some of the highlights of the venture. With constant development and innovations, Agate is determined to change the cryptocurrency economy and their usability in the mainstream economy forever. Team Agate has some of the finest brains in the fields of technology, crypto economy and finances with years of expertise & experience. The technological advancement that the company has achieved in developing the magical Agate iFiat ecosystem is indeed praise worthy.

Most of the transactions over the Agate ecosystem are in the form of AGT tokens. This ensures a constant supply and transaction of the tokens to ensure their value and rate increments. Agate is working constantly to generate new sources of income to maintain and increase the value & rates of the AGT tokens.

With the future looking promising for both users & merchants AGATE is issuing ICO in the form of AGT Tokens starting August 2018. Some points to note and remember:

  • The presale of AGT token starts in stages from August 21st 2018 to 14th October 2018 at varied discount levels ranging between 25% to 5% as the presale closure time approaches.
  • A total of 490,000,000 AGT tokens would be issued.
  • The token protocol is ERC20, Ethereum Blockchain.
  • The minimum contribution is fixed at 60 USD.
  • The token exchange rate offered is at 1 AGT~0.076 USD.
  • The unsold tokens would be burnt by Smart Contract.
  • Bonus and referral are also available.

With the raised capital Agate plans to invest the funds in the following distribution:

  • 40% of the funds would be invested into R&D.
  • 40% towards marketing, affiliate programs, growth hacking, PR, etc.
  • 5% towards legal & compliance.
  • 10% towards Operation & Admin
  • And the remaining 5% as a contingency towards unforeseen events.

Agate is excited about the venture and plans to get a banking license by Q4 of 2019. With the world of cryptocurrency infrastructure & economy set to change towards better by Agate, the ICO being issued can only yield profits and success for years to come.


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