Cryptocurrency Exchange Bans Augur, OMNI, Gas and 6 Other Altcoins From Trading in the US

Poloniex Exchange today announced that it will disable the trading of nice cryptocurrencies which included Lisk [LSK], Ardor [ARDR], Bytecoin [BCN], NXT, Augur [REP], Game Credits [GAME], Ehtereum Gas [GAS], ONMI, Lisk (LSK) and Decred [DCR] in the United States.
From 29th May 2019, the above-mentioned coins will be delisted for its US customers. The Exchange, however, also announced that the currency wallets (Sending and Receiving) still be active for all customers.
Poloniex Exchange currently has 61 cryptocurrencies listed on its platform. The fact that it chose nice cryptocurrencies out of so

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