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Banks and Cryptocurrencies Global Evaluation: Africa

Bitcoin and blockchain tech are ripe for mainstream adoption in Africa, where the population is well positioned to embrace the innovative...

Binance Meets With Ugandan President, Plans to Support Nation With the Blockchain

The CEO of Binance has announced that the exchange is partnering with Crypto Savanna, a Ugandan blockchain startup, to aid in the economic development...

Binance And Crypto Savannah Partner To Bolster Ugandan Economy

Major crypto exchange Binance partners with Ugandan Crypto Savannah Blockchain innovation hub to support the country’s economy. Leading global cryptocurrency exchange...

OmiseGO And Vitalik Buterin Donate $1 Million In Crypto To Charity For Ugandan Refugees

Ethereum cofounder Vitalik Buterin has partnered with OmiseGO to donate $1 mln in ERC20 tokens to African charity GiveDirectly. East Africa-based...

Bitcoin Adoption Grows in Ugandan Capital City of Kampala

Abc News has published a report detailing the rising popularity of bitcoin among the citizenry of the Ugandan capital city of Kampala. The report...

Bitcoin in Uganda – Empowering People

The story about Ronald from Kampala, Uganda who receives bitcoin from his family in the US to support his education. Credits: