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Crypto Redditors Plot Exodus

Liberty on Life Support… is a headline we hope to never write, but some of it is under threat, particularly freedom of speech on...

Reddit Goes on a Banning Spree

Many reddit communities have woken up today to find out they are banned as reddit suddenly announces a change in policy: “As of today,...

Paypal Users Receive Cryptocurrency Warning Email

This week Paypal users reported receiving an official-looking email from Paypal, warning users about “activity the trading or transfer of crypto currency ...

Alternatives to Google Crypto Ads for ICOs in 2018

Getting your ICO out there is one of the most important things you have to do after releasing it, because that’s how new investors...

Mainnet Lightning payments available now on Bitrefill

submitted by /u/bitrefill

Bitcoin’s Lightning Becomes Reality With Funding From Twitter Founder

submitted by /u/Laxvegna

Ron Paul discussing bitcoin with Nassim Taleb

submitted by /u/atium_

Crypto Market Prices Continue to Fall Amid Increasing Regulatory Pressure

submitted by /u/Scerdoo

Jack Dorsey among backers of blockchain start-up Lightning Labs

submitted by /u/AireaGellantara

Bitcoin Lightning Startup Goes Beta With Twitter CEO Backing

submitted by /u/sagar6191