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14 Thai Banks Back Blockchain Platform to Digitize Contracts

Fourteen Thai banks will cooperate in the Thailand Blockchain Community Initiative, which will digitize letters of guarantee on a shared blockchain.

UK Government Announces New Cryptocurrency Research Effort

The U.K. government will launch new research aimed to explore the potential risks posed by cryptocurrencies, a minister has said.

Mastercard “Very Happy” to Support [State] Cryptocurrencies, Just Not Anonymous “Junk”

Payments giant Mastercard is fully behind supporting state-backed, central bank-issued cryptocurrencies, a senior executive has revealed. In an interview with the Financial Times, Mastercard...

Research Suggests Tether Has Banking Relationship with Puerto Rico-based Noble Bank

New research suggests that cryptocurrency startup Tether — creator of dollar-pegged stablecoin USDT — has a banking relationship with Puerto Rican financial institution Noble...

Why Banks Are Finally Talking Crypto In Filings

Before crowing, crypto fans should remember companies err on the side of caution when deciding what's material enough to include under "risk factors."

Indian HDFC Bank Warns Customers against Using Debit, Credit Cards for Cryptocurrency Purchases

In a major move, one of India’s largest private banks HDFC Bank, announced a ban on the usage of its debit and credit cards...

Traditional Liechtenstein Bank Launches Cryptocurrency Investment Platform

Citizens of Liechtenstein, a country that has become rather famous for its cryptocurrency acceptance, will soon be able to purchase digital currencies directly from...

Community-Based Crypto Platform Could See Crypto Assets Used For USD Loans

sponsored The inventors of Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP)-based technologies are now working on Money Over Internet Protocol (MOIP) Celsius, a community-based...

Taiwan’s New Central Bank Chief Uncertain of State Cryptocurrency

The new governor of Taiwan’s central bank has expressed “uncertainty” over cryptocurrencies’ function as a payment instrument. In a meeting with lawmakers this week,...

Royal Bank of Canada Explores Blockchain to Automate Credit Scores

A patent application by the Royal Bank of Canada outlines ways of using a blockchain-based system to make the credit rating process more transparent.