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Online Retail Giant Amazon Finally Forays into Blockchain

The blockchain, the technology first inspired by Bitcoin, has proved to be too big to ignore. It has also proven to be far more...

Amazon Has Launched a New Service for Building Blockchains

Amazon will help clients build blockchain platforms on Hyperledger Fabric or ethereum with its new product.

Brief AWS Outage Highlights Key Weaknesses of Some South Korean Crypto Exchanges

Centralization in the cryptocurrency has been an ongoing struggle over the past few years. This issue has become apparent in the mining department, but...

Texas Hits Cryptocurrency Mining Firms with Cease and Desist for Fraud

Texas executed regulatory action recently against two cryptocurrency mining companies. The Securities Commissioner for Texas sent EXY Crypto (also known as Execrypto) and AWS...

WeatherBlock and Bloomsky Joins to Shape the Future for Weather Forecasting

Internet of things (IoT) can be combined with blockchain protocol to create a better and advanced market for weather data commerce. This is where...