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Bitfinex Tokens Let Users Hedge Bets On Bitcoin SegWit2x Hard Fork

Bitfinex has launched not one but two SegWit2x ‘chain split tokens’ as users praise the exchange’s clarity.

Bitcoin Segregated Witness All-Time High in Transactions: Over 30 Percent

Alistair Milne – commentator and investor, noting out data and information form digital currency wallet manufacturer Trezor highlighted out the peak high which continues...

SegWit2X fork keeps growing in popularity

On Dec 28, one of the main hard forks in Bitcoin history took place, when Segwit2X revealed the issues of crypto-exchanges, wallets and decentralization...

SegWit kurz vor Durchbruch: Coinbase und Bitfinex wollen Segregated Witness unterstützen

Mit Coinbase und Bitfinex haben zwei der größten Bitcoin-Handelsplattformen für Kryptowährungen angekündigt, Segregated Witness Protokolle an ihren Exchanges unterstützen zu wollen. Damit scheint ein...

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