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Mastercard Says "Blockchain is an Incredibly Compelling Technology", Reveals 50 to 60 Blockchain Patents!

submitted by /u/Keeppgoingg

Unbelievably, Congress right now wants to deregulate some of the same banks that helped...

submitted by /u/jose628

Me every time I trade Bitcoin

submitted by /u/jaypee77

Why The SEC Regulation Steps May Be a Good Thing For Crypto And Helps...

submitted by /u/zon3tknew3

Buy the dip they said

submitted by /u/Contemplat3

Epic Fail! Fake @bitcoin twitter account fails even to their own propaganda polls :P

submitted by /u/chek2fire

US government accepts that Blockchain is the future. Seeks to invest in R&D.

submitted by /u/Baalsham

Site setup for tracking the remaining 162k bitcoin under Mt Gox trustee’s control

submitted by /u/340g

Conversation I had with my friend

Me: oh damn bitcoin is down a bit Friend: Bitcoin is going to be irrelevant soon Me: please elaborate Friend: Its just hype and...

Bitcoin – so simple… haha, hilarious!

submitted by /u/neil713

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