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Bitcoin Lightning Startup Goes Beta With Twitter CEO Backing

submitted by /u/TheGreatMuffin

⚡️Announcing LND 0.4-beta ⚡️

submitted by /u/roasbeef

Billionaire Co-Founder of Brevan Howard Is Bullish On Bitcoin/Crypto

submitted by /u/Doglover432

Schadenfreude of No-Coiners is palpable

Have any of you guys also noticed the amount of general Schadenfreude that exists of the no-coiners? It's not like I have ever gloated...

Dear @bitpay. This week I started setting up my own @BtcpayServer. When I discovered...

submitted by /u/TheGreatMuffin

Bitcoin Art

submitted by /u/ManWithNoName49

UK Crypto Exchange to Launch Bitcoin Futures Contracts

submitted by /u/sagar6191

Yawnnnn Yawnnn Weak Hands !!!

Why all these weak hands panicking because google is blocking crypto advertisements in June. It is not the end of crypto. If you are...

Bitcoin Hurts Govt ‘Control’ Of Dollar, Senator Lets Freudian Slip in Speech

submitted by /u/Suberg

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