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Wall Street analyst creates new index that tries to tell you when to buy...

submitted by /u/MascarponeFromItaly

BitPay in damage control over outrage about their so called “network” fee for Bitcoin.

submitted by /u/iwearahoodie

Bounty0x Podcast #3 — Corl

submitted by /u/CryptoSmileee

Crypto Exchange Binance Launches Decentralized Trading Network

submitted by /u/3dkkm

Monaco Joins the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance

submitted by /u/alex777tm

Looks like we are close to the first mainnet version to be released by...

submitted by /u/TheGreatMuffin

Google to Ban Ads for Cryptocurrencies

submitted by /u/Bitensky

Google to ban ads on cryptocurrencies, related products

submitted by /u/hargikas

GDXM (Global Digital Exchanges Monitor) has officially launched!

submitted by /u/nicolafarenga

US government accepts that Blockchain is the future. Seeks to invest in R&D.

submitted by /u/Baalsham

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