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New zjazz 1.2 AMD and Nvidia Miner With Support for Merit, BitCash and SUQA

If you are mining Merit (Cuckoo Cycle Edgebit 26), Bitcash (Cuckoo Cycle Edgebit 27) or SUQA (X22i) on AMD or Nvidia GPUs you might...

Updated zjazz CUDA Miner 0.97 for Merit and BitCash Mining

There is a new update of the zjazz CUDA Miner 0.97 for the Cuckoo Cycle algorithm that is being used by the Merit (MRT)...

BitCash (BITC), a New Interesting Under The Radar Crypto Project

BitCash (BITC) is a new crypto project being described as a solution that combines the power of blockchain with the features of banking to...

BitConnect (BCC) Pumps on TradeSatoshi, SEC Calls Influencer Trevon James to Testify

Months after its crash, the BitConnect scheme is still a significant cautionary tale in the crypto space.

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