November 15 2017 KRAKEN DIGITAL ASSET EXCHANGE $242M traded across all markets today Crypto, EUR, USD, JPY, CAD, GBP 

BTC $7,290 ↑8.76% $132M
ETH $329.6 ↓0.70% $45.1M
BCH $1,182.65 ↓8.43% $37M
LTC $63.28 ↓1.54% $5.69M

XRP $0.2082 ↑1.01% $3.92M
EOS $1.66 ↑1.22% $3.89M
DASH $419.1 ↓2.46% $3.09M
XMR $119.52 ↓3.47% $3.07M

ZEC $284.1 ↑4.10% $2.55M
ETC $16.80 ↓2.10% $2.37M
XLM $0.0370 ↑1.48% $1.32M
USDT $1.00 ↓1.96% $703,062

ICN $1.080 ↑5.88% $291,325
REP $19.17 ↑1.00% $262,145
DOGE $0.0013 ↑3.89% $84,835
MLN $73.31 ↓6.12% $82,872

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