November 14 2017 KRAKEN DIGITAL ASSET EXCHANGE $205M traded across all markets today Crypto, EUR, USD, JPY, CAD, GBP 

BTC $6,702 ↑2.40% $77M
ETH $332.0 ↑5.89% $52.5M
BCH $1,291.56 ↓2.06% $48.4M
ETC $17.16 ↑12.2% $5.03M

LTC $64.27 ↑6.25% $4.76M
XRP $0.2061 ↑2.49% $4.73M
EOS $1.64 ↑42.6% $4.18M
DASH $429.7 ↓0.59% $2.79M

XMR $123.82 ↑0.51% $1.85M
ZEC $272.9 ↑3.18% $1.56M
XLM $0.0365 ↑17.3% $966,702
USDT $1.02 ↑0.99% $387,412

ICN $1.020 ↑4.34% $230,049
REP $18.98 ↑3.10% $203,672
MLN $78.09 ↑7.19% $170,122
DOGE $0.0013 ↑2.19% $93,575

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